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"America and Israel share a special bond.

Our relations are unique among all nations".

President Bill Clinton

"The alliance between our governments is

unbreakable, yet the source of our friendship

runs deeper than any treaty."

President George W. Bush


The U.S.-Israel relationship is unique in the global arena, bringing with it vast opportunities for collaboration across many fields. The Jerusalem Washington Center supplies information, generates policy initiatives and advises decisionmakers both in the private and public sector looking to capitalize on those opportunities. With a deep understanding of both the United States and Israel, the Jerusalem Washington Center is well positioned to provide keen insights to stakeholders looking to create partnerships between the two countries. 


The Jerusalem-Washington Center is an organization that integrates Israeli entrepreneurship spirit along with American professionalism and thoroughness.  JWC assisted in me a series of meetings...preparing all the necessary documents and presentation materials professionally and effectively, and accompanying the process from start to finish. Their  help was an integral part in accomplishing the task at hand.

Erez T.

Manager, Financial Services

The Jerusalem-Washington Center is doing a remarkable job in bridging policy innovations between the two capitols (and state capitols as well).  I have seen this first hand with their work...their combination of thoughtfulness, creativity and intelligent relationship building will go a long way towards the sharing and socializing of the best social and political ideas and in so doing will strengthen and deepen the great alliance between the United States and Israel.

Mark G.

 President, Medical 

Emergency Services 


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